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    Heads up

    Meet sheffield/doncaster

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to meet anyone that has had smp done, I've recently shaved my head and hoping this is the answer to my problems.
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    Hairy Again

    First session is just a template, second will give you a more cohesive idea of what you are going to end up with. I would hold on for about ten weeks till you have the third session to allow for any fading to occur and also to give you time to adjust to any swings of thought you may have on what you want from this third session (and believe me, you will have swings, darker, lower etc). Personally I think you could definitely grab another ten millimetre of hairline at your second session. The density from this session will firm up your treatment and I would stress wait and live with two for two months before having the third. You can after you have three have the free top up towards the end of your warranty year to refresh with a darker shade if you feel you are still too light.
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    Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    I am NW7 with a very light light brown shadow (my hair is naturally fine). I have a few hundred stubborn remaining hairs in a very diffused pattern across the top of my head, looks crap grown out but I feel totally comfortable with three days stubble (as in the pic). The stubbly hairs although tiny catch the light and fool the eyes, it doesn't truly hold up to close inspection but passes what I call the arms length test, i.e. the distance most people get close to you. This of course is subjective to YOU and how comfortable you are in your own skin and with the decision to have/hide the treatment.