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    Heads up

    Meet sheffield/doncaster

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to meet anyone that has had smp done, I've recently shaved my head and hoping this is the answer to my problems.
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    Hairy Again

    The shade used looks spot on now that the redness has gone.
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    Hairy Again

    Here's some shots now a week after session one. It's faded, but as far as I've been told that's all normal as this is really just the base layer to more density/darkness. These pics are after 2 days growth, so you can see the difference if you're looking. Luckily still feels fine to walk around with in public, though, cause it just looks like I'm still thinning on top. Unfortunately had to move my next appt. to the 19th due to a relative's funeral, so I guess it'll be really settled by the time I get session two.
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    Our most recently opened clinic is in the South West of England in the historic City of Bristol. On January 25th they will be opening their doors to all-comers. Anyone interested in meeting the practitioner (read more about Alex here) for a free consultation and getting their questions answered in person should make it a date in their diary. The doors are open between 11.30AM and 6PM, just walk in and say hello. The day offers more than just a chance to meet a practitioner though... There will be a treatment to watch... you may want to check with the office to see precise timings for that. Send them a message at info@hishairclinic.com.