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    Hairy Again

    First day back at work — no comments made when I walked in, but of course it's hard to tell if they were just being polite or not. Got the confirmation I needed later in the day, though: one of my closer coworkers (also losing his hair a bit) walked right up and asked if I had shaved a bit closer than normal. We had a two minute conversation about the razor I use, him inspecting my head the whole time, and didn't seem to suspect a thing.
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and was looking for some advice. I received treatment almost two years ago. I have very find, blonde hair. I have never felt quite comfortable with my natural hair or SMP. I rocked the SMP for about a year before deciding that I really didn't like the look. I painfully grew my hair out over the SMP with a fade/comb-over. Recently I have started to thin really bad. Having the SMP under a half head of hair looked and felt ridiculous. After treatment, I was really happy with the results. You can see the photo taken outdoors (1st in line), was about a week after my 3rd treatment. The colour lined up well and I was happy with the hairline. The photos taken today are the ones indoors. I have a couple of photos where it is darker and defined and I'm very happy with the look. However, in photos taken outside or mirrors under harsh light I look completely bald. Does anyone have any advice or critique? Is it too light? would you do anything different to the hairline? Please let me know your thoughts. Your time and advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks. I had it originally done in ‘14 and a top up ‘17 HIS have been first class in my opinion. Nothing but good things to say. Stil can’t believe it sometimes
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    That's one excellent SMP, Permanent Vacation. I love the hairline. Very natural. I woud love to keep my hair that length, Unfortunatly my horseshoe is visible after 24 hours of no shave, and I hate that effing horseshoe, so I have no choice but to shave it on a daily basis.
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    I think your SMP looks really great. Just don't grow out your hair any longer than that. Do you have a horseshoe or are you one of the lucky guys with a decent coverage in the back of your head? I too hate the fact that under certain lightning conditions the treatment more or less disappears. It makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure in some enviroments. My hope is that some day there will be an ink that stays visible even in harsh daylight and bright office lights and stuff. Dunno if that is even possible, However, your SMP is totally fine and it suits you.
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    I think that your work turned out rather well and looks very natural. I had two sessions done at the Toronto His clinic by the new practitioner which is barely showing and faded rather quickly. Currently waiting to do a third session and stressing about it not taking. I would be stoked to have your results.
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    Agreed with SHVD man. In my opinion, your SMP looks great even under office lighting which is very unfavorable for bald heads (i see this stuff everyday at work), but because your scalp also doesn't appear to be shiny, it really brings out the treatment. If you ask me, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and also agreed with SHVD that you probably don't want to grow your natural hair any longer than what you have in the pics attached. Vin
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    Personally I like the look you have, in my opinion your hair is at the limits of what you can do length wise, any longer will make it more noticeable but I think it works as a look. You know as well as anyone else who has the treatment that it will disappear in certain circumstances and no doubt you torture yourself by looking in the worst case scenarios more than the good ones... for me if you keep it trim then you have a 'hairstyle' that works.
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    I don't think "stokie" went too dark...or contrast to skin is too much...for his skin tone? That guys pretty tanned He aint no pasty white hillbilly, ha The shade and blend looks perfect for his tanned skin tone If he went really light...it would barely be anything with his tanned skin And inside with no direct bright light overhead...that's how anyone will look SMP or full head of shaved hair Different lighting...different looks Cant forget that fact Look at Raymond's first #1 post Left pic looks light and normal...right pic looks too dark (cause theres a shadow on his head in that one)