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  2. Head shine

    Hey guys, have not been on here in a while but just had a question. It seems that minimizing the shine factor is a crucial part of making the treatment look more real. My question is: does applying something like Peter Thomas Roth mattifying gel to your scalp (after smp treatment) make the smp treatment less easy to see? Does it cover up the dots or dull them down at all?
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  4. Second treatment

    I know my head looks as it should but after 30 years of seeing bald scalp and feeling repulsed by myself in the mirror and in photos I still have not loked at my Horseshoe area in the mirror and I still avoid being photographed, 30 yrs of hell does not just go away - but folks thinking im between 28 and 35 helps cos im 55 !!
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  6. NYC Back in Business

    As I said, I was happy to go to Jonathan, I didn’t get Jonathan. I have nothing bad to say about his technical skill. Unfortunately, I didn’t get him.
  7. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    No idea. I’d worry about it when it comes up.
  8. Second treatment

    thanks for support bud
  9. Second treatment

    thanks for support bud 👍
  10. Second treatment

    if it was the same person working on you and you were happy after session 1 it sounds like the guy isnt a newbie and can do a good job . it is a rollercoaster ride and it takes some getting used to looking at a stranger in the mirror - Ive never liked venturing out until after ive washed and shaved my head 7-10 days after a session although to my eye it looks good straight away - if you have gone from Kojak to a skinhead folks might well notice something and if you are also still coming to terms with your new look then you are hypa-sensitive with is understandable . Of course it is possible to recieve a bad session but like I said that would be tempory , relax and take care
  11. Second treatment

    Hello Danny. I believe you are going through a, usually very short, period of panic between sessions. I understand you have, since posting, spoken to the clinic and all is well. You have to wait a few days to wash the scalp and the degree to which the new follicles scab can vary. You are going to be fine... please do come back and update us though.
  12. NYC Back in Business

    I can't explain... but that's because your email address is not on the HIS Clinic's records. Can you PM me something I can identify you with to the business so I can ask the question? Your name or the email address you used to register with them.
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  14. Second treatment

    Upload some pics would be the most helpful thing to do. Also where did you have your smp done?
  15. NYC Back in Business

    Ian did a phenomenal job gripe isn't with the technicians at HIS.. ... Can u please tell me how come there hasn't been 1 response to my emails ? Can u please explain y no one picks up the phone ,? I've called atleast 50 times in the last 2 months and not once has anyone picked up the phone... Ive called in the morning I've called in the afternoon and nothing..
  16. Second treatment

    after session 1 I got a lot of positive comments from people .and yes the same practitioner both times.i had a decent amount of hair but hairline was too high so I has it done.and today after then second session people are making jokes and askin what the blob on my head is.will this heal?I'm so worried ...
  17. Second treatment

    pictures? was there any comments after session1 ? was it the same practisioner? what was your look before , is it a complete style change ? Worse case senario and some 10yr old really has made a mess , yep its bad but only shorterm bad as can be rectified
  18. Franchisers

    I have received an email from HIS saying a new franchise is opening in Glasgow, which used o have a "proper" HIS clinic but seems it didn't work in that format. I was looking to finally take the plunge early 2019 so hopefully the Glasgow franchise will get rave reviews until then.
  19. Second treatment

    hi all.i had my second session today and evetupne is noticing and asking what the big blob on my head is.can anyone please advise ?
  20. NYC Back in Business

    It's staying up because it doesn't break any rules (I removed the one line which did). You are entitled to your opinion and nobody is denying your experience. But you say yourself that you were invited to speak with Ian, the owner. Anyone who has had dealings with Ian know him to be as honest as the day is long and a man who puts his clients first. I have no doubt that offer stands and if you were to speak with him a positive outcome would result. In the same vein Jonathan is massively well regarded, nay loved, by his clients.HIS trained and working with HIS for a long long time. There is evidence of that on this forum going back years. There is nobody with more experience operating anywhere in NYC, he is as passionate a practitioner as you could hope to meet. Going back to your experience, I would add that the fact that Jonathan still operates under the HIS banner means you did have that recourse to a conversation with Ian - and still do.
  21. NYC Back in Business

    I'll b more than surprised if this post stays standing ...I'm pretty sure there s a few more customers that were hung out to dry... Especially in the nyc area
  22. NYC Back in Business

    That's extremely unprofessional from HIS ... How is it possible that they can't have a legit regional clinic in this part of the country? Instead just passing consumers along to some fly by night organization... I wish HIS would spend more time on getting a customer service that actually present and answer phone calls ., ( Been trying to reach them for over 2 months now) and less time banning customers from there forums ! ..i spent extra money for a session that looks like I won't b receiving... But that's ok! ...
  23. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Absolutely the same for sunbeds. They use high intensity UV light which is what damages the pigment in SMP.
  24. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Same for sunbeds?
  25. Francois Sagat

    Well known gay porn star. Well known not least for his strange head tattoo. Definitely not ever an attempt at SMP nor how any good SMP will look "eventually" - A properly done SMP would never look more dense than it does after the settling period post treatment.
  26. Francois Sagat

    Do you think this guy has actually had SMP? Is this what SMP will look like eventually? Or do you think he just went to his local tattoo parlour and asked for a 'hair tattoo'? Thoughts?
  27. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Shave that off, man. It looks terrible to be honest. A few thin strains combed to the front along with Toppik. That can not be the solution for you. Get a SMP and forget about all your hair problems.
  28. Does sun factor stop fading !

    With any type of tattoo if you choose to bake it in the sun with no protection you should expect to lose color with fading. You have to protect your investment by using proper sunscreen and wearing a hat in the peak hours of intense sunlight.
  29. Should I or shouldn't I?

    I would personally shave your head and go get the smp treatment to lower your hair line rather than battling the losing battle of hairloss.. It will definitely take 10 years off your appearance.
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