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  2. Hey Everyone, Up until now, I was on this site primarily as a spectator- sifting through multiple threads and learning a lot. I won't lie, I had done a crap ton of research and worried about stuff ie. Issues with my brain tumour (my first post). But after getting more and more info, radiologists/my doctor saying it's totally fine I bit the bullet and had it done yesterday. I went the natural route (softer, keeping with my real hairline and not touching sides yet). I can tell you that during breaks at the session, I had a huge smile on my face with the fact that holy crap I have a hairline!! I did notice under one light it was more invisible and I know there are tons of threads on that but it literally looked like that even when I had an actual norwood 2 close shave cut! Commom lighting it is hella visible. I had told my gf, mom, dad, sister, financial advisor, best friend, cousin and personal trainer (lots of people compared to a lot of you guys lol) but fact is None of them were judgmental about it before or after I got it. they were moreso impressed and intrigued. I went to work the next day (today) and out of 5 people only one person (the one i knew would notice bc hes a troll) literally only said "wait.. what happened?" I said "just tried something new" he said "oh true! Grow it out". So even with 1 day of smp.. which was incomplete and not as impressive as 2nd and 3rd will be.. people do not realize. Two things to note for myself.. my right lymph node behind my ear and my left occiptal are swollen and annoying as heck as of day 2 but i know its normal.. even my doctor said so. The other thing personal to me is that I realized if i eat certain things my scalp gets oily.. fml not sure if that is affecting it.. my smp provider said just pat it gently but yeah. Cant wait for session two this sunday! I hope this gives some perspective to those considering it (it's worth it)- see you soon!
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  4. Responding to an old post I know, but I'm also in NI and currently considering SMP as an option for an exit plan from my concealer routine. If any of the posters above still read the forum
  5. I know this is an old post but I can identify with a lot of the OP's thoughts. Quite close to where I am at this stage. Looks like the OP may have subsequently had SMP, although no photos have been posted.
  6. Another great positive story, thanks. Well worth digging a bit further into some of JB's earlier posts. Some better pics in there too. Oh, and his youtube video JB IMO your SMP look is wayyyy better than your photo from ten years earlier (with hair ). It is subtle though, especially since your natural hair colour is given as dark brown. I'm light brown / greying and ideally would like it a bit darker if possible. PV, another great job there. I'm amazed you get away with not shaving for a week (although it is visible in the pics). I think you have more hair than me though, and it's much darker.
  7. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Freshly shaved for anyone who's interested lol. In my opinion it's at its best about half a day after shaving once your skin has recovered.
  8. ^^ Indeed impressive. One of the best treatments I have seen so far.
  9. Last week
  10. That’s much more impressive. Lighting folks.
  11. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    This is right now coming up to my 5th year. It's also me being lazy and I haven't wet shaved in a week So you can see my hair through the smp. My point is that mine has not faded and I don't think I want it topped up for a while the top pic is in strong light you can see my hair and the smp.
  12. There is not much point showing these pictures for smp if it is invisible. Better lighting is needed.
  13. Even if you had real hair and shaved it under that kind of light it would disappear!
  14. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Father Ted. Brilliant analogy.
  15. Couple more from the same holiday. Sorry for these posts, just recalliing how comfortable I was with that look back then (and trying to convince myself that I'd be happy with it cropped right down now....)
  16. Long shot this perhaps, but just wondered if anyone with SMP within reasonable distance of Belfast who would be willing to meet up. Can't be too many over here I'd guess?
  17. Been thnking about the buzz cut look and found the photo below, taken just before I turned 40 and before I started using concealers. Back then I kept the sides at no.1 cut and top probably a no.3, and I shaved part of the front of the hairline since it was uneven. When I look at this now it just looks really bald and receded! The second pic is from a year or two later, with concealers. I'm trying to imagine myself something like the first pic, but with it buzzed right down and with a lower hairline. Might submit this pic as a 'virtual SMP' photo?
  18. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    I have had mine from 2014 with one top up which was a softening of my hair line. I always think when il need another and the plan is a light one in a few years I have had zero fade so far but i don't mind the idea of it fading in my opinion it perhaps wouldn't do any harm. When I think of top ups I'm always afraid of ruining a good thing by overthinking and aiming for perfection when imperfections mkes the perfection the episode of father ted pops in my head when he try's to fix the dent in the car and ends up ruining it.
  19. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Yes, however you can still see where it frames his face. And it's still a shadow in my opinion way better than a kojax. Maybe a top up would be good but maybe the super subtle is the results wanted
  20. I’m gonna be honest. In this lighting the smp looks invisible.
  21. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    Its an important point I just made myself in another thread. That SMP, while we almost invariably do it to address issues around self-esteem, has a broadly positive effect on your whole life. It improves self-confidence which plays into how inspired we are to live up higher standards for ourselves. Bald Ego's testimony is echoed in so many other threads on here.
  22. Thanks Ed, I've trawled through bald ego's posts and seen his pics, including the one before treatment (I think he said he removed all but one 'before' pics). If I can get SMP results like his I'll be one happy camper (once I've got myself comfortable with the step change in appearance). What I really enjoyed reading though was how the improvement in his appearance caused him to take more care of himself in so many other areas, e.g. physical fitness, diet, etc.
  23. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Great to see you back JB. Thanks for the excellent pictures.
  24. aftercare

    Shampoo? With a buzz cut? You can use regular soap, try to avoid those containing alcohol.
  25. aftercare

    I use a mild facial scrub then niva men's sensitive moisturiser as it's alcohol free. Randomly I use bio oil hope that helps
  26. aftercare

    I don’t think it matters
  27. Looks awesome. When do you think you’ll have to top up? X
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