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  2. So I had smp touch up after two years by the same guy who originally did an amazing job but this time it turned out really bad. I’m not one to hold grudges so I’m not naming who as I know they do a great job through other people I have met who used em, though I will be using his hair next time around! I think this time it was just a rush job as it was booked in for an hour and we all make mistakes. Anyway I think this info will help folk out there just in case the same situation occurs as when I was looking for answers it was virtually impossible to get the info. After the smp top up treatment it kept fading for maybe 2 months until it came to a halt, luckily I was travelling India for 2 months and a baseball cap did the job. Once I knew it wouldn’t fade anymore I knew there was only one decision and to get rid. I had 1 laser session using the nd yag at a low setting to make sure my skin could handle it and there was no risk of scarring, make sure you use someone with a legitimate machine as there are many fakes out there. So after the first treatment the smp actually got darker which freaked me out but after 6 weeks it had faded by approximately 20% so I went in for my second treatment and it was done on a lot stronger setting and it has basically faded 50% within a matter of 2 days and the laser technician said it should be completely gone within 6 weeks which I definitely believe. The laser used was a “nd yag ruby”. You can’t get the ink removed immediately after having a badge job as the ink needs to settle for around 2 weeks for the laser to work properly on removing it. file
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  4. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I appreciate that Jeep Guy. Maybe over time I may do the same, but having never shaved my head before, I am looking for the added safety of an electric razor.
  5. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Where did you get it done? I’m from nottingham and have just had mine removed
  6. Hair Piece to SMP

    #### Rodgers, Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger's (to name but a few) don't look ridiculous, but are obvious wigs! on the other hand, Jimmy White and Chris Norman's do look ridiculous!
  7. Hair Piece to SMP

    Affleck wears a wig, hardly a secret. It's just a good one and an example of it being done right. He's also lucky in that his temples are very thick which makes density matching much easier. Travolta's is awful because his temples are thin so he wears a larger piece that covers the area and it look unnatural. The hairs are also attached sticking straight up which looks weird, hairs naturally grow in a particular direction. But even Affleck sometimes is sloppy with maintenance and you sometimes see paparazzi pictures of him where the sides don't quite match.
  8. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    Thanks Ed. Very much appreciated.
  9. Hey there, So my second treatment was almost one month ago, and I'm very happy with the results so far! But I'm wondering...when do I need to go back for my third treatment? My practitioner told me it could be up to six weeks before I needed to come back...but that "I'd know" when it was time. What does that even mean lol? How will I know, and what should I be looking for? Excessive fading? (What's counts as excessive, anyway?) Blending issues? I'm a little lost... Also, random side question: the dots on my head are still a little large. They've become significantly smaller since the my first two treatments, but they are still noticably larger than my actual hair follicles. (I have really fine hair strands.) Would going back for a third session to add further density help or hurt this situation? Any ideas would be great!
  10. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Wet shave is the way to go. Its arguably faster too. I get mine done in less than 3 minutes before I hop in the shower. I just use my Braun for trimming beard now :-)
  11. Laser for hairline adjustments? and word of laser recommendations in North America? I'm sure someone here has had the procedure done?
  12. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I got the opportunity to check out both the Arc 5 and Braun 9290. They both look great. I do worry about razor irritation (my skin gets pretty red), so, given all the reviews stating the Arc cuts a touch closer, but the Braun is so gentle, I decided to go Braun. It's charging right now!
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  14. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    There were quite a few questions in there so I went off to check my facts... but have done much better than that. Please send all your laser related questions to to get personalised answers from an expert.
  15. Toronto clinic

    You look like a Norwood 2 to 3 prior to your smp and you will not need as much work to restore your hairline as you still have quite a bit of hair. Pictures of smp right after the treatment are always way darker than what they fade to and actually look like once healed within 10 days.
  16. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    Can anyone offer any advice on this? Admins? Would be very much appreciated. Jonny3
  17. Toronto clinic

    Yes, i do have a lot of hair left. I mostly wanted hairline work. I am hoping to be able to go 2-3 days between shaves because of my existing hair. I am also expecting a lot of fading. Luckily I can wear a hat. Good luck.
  18. Toronto clinic

    Hey bro, thats looks amazing! it appears that you have a lot of your own hair still left , I’m worried about having to go back 2 work after 2 sessions and the results will look unfinished or fake,I can’t wear a hat at work that’s for sure
  19. Toronto clinic

    I just had my first session this morning in Toronto. Impressed with the results so far.
  20. Hair Piece to SMP

    I usually am pretty good at catching these things. No matter how good the peice is, it can be caught like JT. Personally, I don't think BatFleck wears a piece.. High maintenance??? You have no idea...
  21. Hair Piece to SMP

    Usually the dead giveaway on a toupee or hair system is when the temple area has receded considerably and the top looks way too perfect. Even John Travolta gets spotted with lace systems at the frontal hairline so unless you want a Beatles bowl cut it is noticeable from up close. In my honest opinion a toupee is basically a hair hat that is very high maintenance.
  22. Hair Piece to SMP

    You probably see good hair pieces all the time but pay no attention to them. If attention is paid to matching hair colour, lace colour and if the roots are bleached well then its more or less undetectable even if a woman is rubbing your hair or looking at your hairline up close. In that sense a hair piece can be more realistic than SMP up close, the downside is that it takes a ridiculous amount of maintenance and stress to achieve that, and it's easy to be caught out if maintenance isn't perfect. Pointless unless you're a rich celebrity like Ben Affleck.
  23. pigment not setting on edges of head???

    I think you should attached the photos of your head that would be easily seen the treatment of your's///
  24. In ten years time

    Ok thanks ed mate
  25. Hair Piece to SMP

    ok thanks @JCVD
  26. In ten years time

    Hi Dasher. You are right... I am going to advise you to get a consultation. But unless your fading has been dramatic I cannot see why the cost should approach the original. As per my earlier post in this thread, a touch up is not the same process as the original treatment. It usually requires a scattered sprinkling of fresh work to put the zing back. Let us know how you get on.
  27. Hair Piece to SMP

    I will post pictures after my 4th session heals. I am not a resident of the Toronto area and traveled to His for my appointments..
  28. In ten years time

    Ed. It's been a couple of years now since my last SMP It's faded quite a bit, been a while since I've been on the forum as been too busy enjoying my results. But it has faded. What's a ball park figure for touch up, I've heard around £600, but also heard if people being quoted near the original 1000s , this seems too much when you have forked out initially. is this anywhere near ? I know your gonna say I need to go in for a consultation ,and I will , just wanna know a ball park figure of what they have cost people in the past .Cheers
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