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  3. Toronto clinic

    I got a touch up after 5 years. Originally I got mine done in New York but chose to get the touch up done in toronto Since getting it done I deployed with the army in “difficult” conditions. The treatment looks just as it did when I got the touch up
  4. Wow! An amazing result. The recession would make me think you shaved it because you were starting to thin out a bit. No one would give it a suspicious look. Congrats!
  5. Ingredients which are ok to use

    Im not a pharmacist but I think these are ingredients designed to make the product spreadable... possibly an improvement on some of the damaging alcohols that are used. To be honest, as soon as any ingredient gets past its 3rd syllable I tend to put it back on the shelf and look for something simpler. Check the blog... the latest post is about scalp shine and solutions. All the best.
  6. One of the best results and would fool even forum members.
  7. you killed it with the natural receding hairline. Looks so natural.
  8. Would like feedback

    no photos bro
  9. Is SMP ink safe??

    This may be a silly question but is the ink used for SMP safe to be injected into your scalp? I mean, can it have toxic affects on your health and mind, being so close to your brain? Have their ever been any reports of issues? Would love to hear any thoughts on this. Thanks much.
  10. Clinic in Colchester essex

    Good to know ,thank you for the feedback .
  11. Would like feedback

    Where are the pics?
  12. Ingredients Other Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Zea Mays (corn) starch Are these ingredients ok to use on head Ina product. It’s a matte
  13. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Thanks for the honest reply! It's really helpful to know that SMP won't really help with long hair. I appreciate the advice, but I think I will go ahead with the second hair transplant. If it doesn't work out then and I end up going the SMP route afterwards then at least I will have more real hair to give texture to my shaved look. Scars at the back are to not too much of a concern for me really.
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  15. Looks fantastic. Great job, you had the perfect hair line for it. I wish I could of went back 20 years and told my younger self about HIS and smp. The amount of worry I put myself through over hair loss. This isn’t a cure but when done properly it’s pretty near perfection.
  16. First session smp

    repost the pics my man. We'll help with the hairline. I went with a very receded one myself and can offer suggestions.
  17. First session smp

    I promise I didn’t mean at all to offend anyone. I thought he was joking. Never expected he was serious at all with those pictures. Anyway I am sorry.
  18. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Hello! Ive done a 3500 fue transplant myself, and just did my third session of smp. To answer your question I wouldnt reccomend getting smp with long hair, because smp is grey like shaved hair and it’s underneath the skin. Long hair has a colour and is obviously outside the skin, so these two will not naturally blend. With that said, if you are likley to loose all of your hair I really recommend cancelling your second transplant and getting an smp and start to rock the shaved look. A HT is a nightmare to maintain, it will look too thin to look real and it will just not be that head of hair that we imagine when we pay the crazy sums for it. And with another 4k scars on the back of your head the chances of covering it up with smp will decrease. Cut your losses and get out of the HT procedure, at least I am very happy I did!
  19. Would like feedback

    Hi all, Hope everyone’s having a great summer. I am about 45 days post session 3, and wanted to get opinions from the forum. I got mine from a well known clinic and thought people might appreciate the case study. Overall I’m happy with how it went - sometimes I feel it’s a little bit noticeable or too dark, but I think that’s just me overthinking it. No one has noticed it or said anything, and I did the smp straight after buzzing my head since I thought it would be an easier transition (from long hair to buzzed look). Would appreciate candid feedback from people here. I am mid 20s age - my plan is to have this and just let it fade over the next few years and it’ll be more or less gone by the time I hit 30. Being totally cue ball at my age was a little too soon for me, which is why I decided to do this to get the frame on my face. Has anyone else done something similar in terms of letting it fade with no touch ups? Would lasering be too drastic? Kind of torn. Pics attached, 1 before and a few after in different lighting. feel free to hit me up with any comments or questions and hope this helps some people considering it.
  20. Doesn't last

    Thanks Ed! That are good news. I like swimming so much!
  21. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Sorry, I had some links in my original post that are not allowed. So just to rephrase my question: Has anyone here had smp to give the appearance of increased density to hair when you have it long? How did it look and would you recommend it to someone who has had a FUE hair transplant with a fairly low density?
  22. Doesn't last

    How??? I dread to think. But surely the question is why? @Trendy... get back in the swimming pool. The chlorine is only an issue during the healing phase. Your pigment is now settled and beyond reach. The exercise will do you good and you must miss it.
  23. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    I am sure you will find shaving your head is an improvement on whatever routine you had to follow prior to SMP. I still find wet shaving my head quite a therapeutic thing to do, time sees me use the Headblade more often that not but I still wet shave regularly... the Headblade will miss the odd hair, and having missed it seems to struggle to get it once it is over a certain length. So the occasional wet shave is a necessity to avoid sprouting several of these.
  24. Clinic in Colchester essex

    They are legit... as long as you are talking about the clinic in Osborne Street. Not that I am aware of there being another clinic in Colchester.
  25. Smp essex ?

    There is a clinic in Colchester. Details available through the regular office contact number, or email
  26. Small pimples/ blisters?

    Thank you, yes they were gone 2 days later. I believe it was from wearing my hat at work all day. All weekend Ive gone without a hat and its been fine with no problems or issues.
  27. I find that the layering of different pigment shades with multiple sessions is what gives the smp more realism and gives it a much more natural look. It took me multiple sessions to finally get the grey shade look which is what your real hair looks like when it is shaved to the skin. I am one session away from having a finished procedure that looks very natural in my opinion.
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