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  2. Customer Service Still Lacking

    Good move. Anyone has to b out of there mind to trust giving them any kind of deposit.. I'm gonna just pony up the 400 for a touch up ..HiS left me hanging .but thats ok...u live and u learn... Gd luck with ure smp
  3. Chicago location

    I heard Chicago is closed. I also heard Miami, and Houston are closed. I know NYC is closed. Nearly certain LA is closed because Zang is out on his own. Unsure about Toronto and Seattle.
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  5. Chicago location

    Hi there, anyone have their smp done by Mike few years back? Im looking to get a touch up but i dont know where Mike has went.. can anyone point me in a direction to get contact with him?
  6. Celebrities And Smp

    Just checked and El Ahmadi has also had it. 2 from one country, a record.
  7. Celebrities And Smp

    Nordin Amrobat (?) Morocco and Watford. I think he's been mentioned previously in this forum. Looks ok. I don't understand the "matt" comment from Ed, surely better than gloss !
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  9. Customer Service Still Lacking

    well done Checkingthisout , hope it goes well I think you made the right decision
  10. Customer Service Still Lacking

    I bit the bullet and paid a deposit at the other place.
  11. Customer Service Still Lacking

    Reason it’s taken 2 years is because I have more important things in life to worry about, losing my hair is a concern but I’m not letting take over my life life’s too short my friend thanks for the info tho ✌️
  12. Customer Service Still Lacking

    No offense, but if it took 2 years, you probably weren’t gonna do it anyway haha. in all seriousness, the practioner I met with said any of the big chains that charge a lot all are the same quality and you’d turn out fine. He said when you charge $800+ an hour, there’s no need to take short cuts.
  13. Customer Service Still Lacking

    I’ve been On here for over two years and now I’ve got my head round getting it done and ready to book but by the looks of things his has gone very quiet hummmmmm ill think I’ll swerve it
  14. Customer Service Still Lacking

    They will just delete it. I would too if I were them. They aren’t in the business of advertising for the competition. Though they don’t appear to be in business in America anymore anyway. It’s not hard to figure it out based on what I wrote.
  15. Customer Service Still Lacking

    Say the name
  16. Customer Service Still Lacking

    The place I went today I obviously can’t name but it’s one of the competitors in the UK that also has a shop in NYC and a forum. I appreciate that they don’t do a 3-5 day smp training program for outside practioners. I was shocked to see Zang and Gerow are offering these courses. Now i’m very relieved I didn’t sit for the trainee I knew I was getting when HIS referred me to Gerow. There are very few things in life you could be good at in 3-5 days.
  17. Customer Service Still Lacking

    do your research , if HIS are failing on Customer Service in the US at the moment like a few posts suggest look around as a few good HIS trained folks have gone solo . The HIS product is 1st class and a great choice to make but if they are not going the extra mile and communicating with those seeking a solution then they dont deserve your money there are alternatives -HIS need to sort there act out , good luck mate
  18. Customer Service Still Lacking

    Sent a couple emails, one general, one to Ian, almost flew to LA but plane was too costly. Just had an appointment with another NYC company. Unsure what to do. What a difference a year makes.
  19. Barber trip post SMP

    I’d avoid an awkward convot and do it myself.
  20. Scalp problems

    So I was either sleepier than I relized when when answering or someone edited what I wrote...
  21. Barber trip post SMP

    sup man...u should be all good to go to a barber shop.....if there's anything I would avoid, perhaps tell him not to use any straight blade on your head for now.
  22. Barber trip post SMP

    Hi all, I recently had my last session and would like to be cautious and wait 7-10 days before my initial buzz. If I go to a barber and tell him to just zero buzz it, is there anything else I need to tell him regarding the SMP? Maybe special instructions like be gentle? I want to go to a barber b/c I have trouble buzzing longer hair evenly if it's more than a few days growth, and want to make sure it's even before I can start doing it regularly myself. I also plan to wet shave mine, but want to go ~14 days before wet shaving, so want just a normal buzz in that initial period. Thanks for any thoughts
  23. That goes on to your forehead where you would’nt have had pigment. It’s probably psoriasis or something like it. Go to a dermatologist.
  24. It's been two years since I did micropigmentaiton. All pigment seems to be gone. At first, I thought these red spots would go away but 2 years have passed and I still got them well, maybe a little less than I used to. Is it some pigment leftovers that got screwed up or inflammation or something? Have any HIS SMP professionals had any experience dealing with stuff like this? Thank you.
  25. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    My hair loss was extensive, similar to the OP’s. Initially, I opted for a higher hairline and temple recession for the same reasons that he stated. But after adjusting to my new look, I realized that I’d been overly cautious. So I went back for some further blending (i.e., integration) of a more-lowered hairline with far less age recession at the temples. The masterful artistry of my “up-for-a-challenge” practitioner made ALL the difference when pushing the limits of what was possible. Check out my temples to see some superb blending work by Zang. Bottom line: Don’t be overly afraid to tweak your results, bit by bit, in order to achieve your best ultimate result. There’s a very fine line between being too cautious and too bold; the trick is finding the right balance for you.
  26. Scalp problems

    I can relate to the OP. I battled odd skin/scalp conditions since about 1994. A half-dozen top dermatologists in three countries gave me their boilerplate (repetitious) ‘topical’ ointment and hygiene bits of mindless advice. Needless to say, nothing ever worked. For the past several years, I’ve begun to study the root cause of these skin manifestations, including Omega-3 fats, “leaky gut”, weak immune systems, “nightshades”, inflammation, probiotics, etc. I’m essentially recovered now. NO more cysts, NO more scalp psoriasis (ugly red, scaly, blistery outbreaks of the forehead and scalp), NO more torso rashes, etc. Now, I can fully exercise again, and sweat without provoking an instant skin reaction. Formerly, any exertion or even minimal heat/humidity would make my skin react so badly that I’d have to avoid being in public for weeks at a time. Now it’s been nearly two years that I’ve been **completely** symptom-free, with ZERO skin issues, and I’m back to living a 100% fully normal life. Looking back, I believe that my immune system became crippled after an extended continual use of antibiotics in the mid-‘90s, and without the knowledge of how to then restore my ‘gut’ environment which regulates the immune system. The dermatologists failed to “look below the surface” or consider that my skin conditions were symptoms of a major underlying immunological issue. ”Google” can be your best starting point. Be prepared to read, learn, experiment, and read some more. A lot more! I hit some dead-ends, and had to try various protocols, fill in many blanks, and be patient while my body was doing its ‘behind-the-scene’ healing. There are many pieces to the puzzle. Hope this help you! Good luck.

    Ryan - Jan 6th?? That is a long time to be nervous for.
  28. Celebrities And Smp

    ... HIS don't do the matt finish he has ended up with.
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