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  3. If anyone wants to SMP Trump or Bezos in Photoshop, I can run an opinion poll with them.
  4. Obviously all of the would look better with a light hairline. Shiny bowling ball look with an infinite forehead doesn't look good on anyone. Kelly Slater looks like a young guy but the missing hair adds a good 15 years. I'd even say the missing hairline ruins his aesthetics. He's very handsome but a hairline would make him look healthy/young and add at least 3 points to his looks.
  5. Do you realise only 6 people voted for the second one? Everyone looks better with a hairline that shows where the face ends. No exceptions.
  6. Actually I think he is in his 60's but looks a lot younger (now!). Lots of pictures in his multiple posts .
  7. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    These posts are exhausting.
  8. I put long hair on him just to see, think he does suit the shaved head best.
  9. Probably true, but this applies to both shaved and SMP. Fascinating though, that male and female opinion is so different, isn't it:
  10. I think he's much younger than the guy in the OP. I don't see any other pics of him.
  11. DIY SMP?

    Obvious astroturfing is obvious. Try to be more subtle-like next time.
  12. DIY SMP?

    Maybe its against the rules, but still waiting for a picture of your DIY. Not going to hold my breath though
  13. Last week
  14. DIY SMP?

    hey yoyo, they say leopards don't change there spots, clearly doesn't apply in your case you say that diy smp ers are devoid of intelligence and diy smp is stupid & absurd, then after seeing ian and ranbir good work, you decide to go elsewhere and get not I but 2 procedures done, did you not see it was not going to end well after the 1st procedure ?. most diy smp ers would realise after a few dots that it was time to go back to the drawing board I'm not on here to promote diy smp, HIS are very good at what they do and most people would prefer the expertise and guarantee that they provide. however the op asked the question, can you diy smp, and of course it can be done , but results will vary depending on your knowledge and skill levels [ same can be said about some so called specialists who carry out smp, as you found out yourself
  15. Hej, Jag hade samma förutsättningar som du och även samma oro och fick detta resultat. Ingen har kommenterat att det ser konstigt. Det folk undrar över är varför jag inte sparar ut. I wish I could.
  16. This guy suits both looks and squarish head and small ears suit shaved heads .
  17. Gmacgriff

    Does Bosley now own His Hair in the US? To my knowledge, the only SMP location is Houston. However, the email stated that there is a location in San Antonio. I am in need of further clarification. I also want to make sure that it’s His Hair practitioners and not Bosley. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    I would recommend anyone reading this to check out the threads posted by Bald Ego. He is a particularly erudite older client who has posted generously on his experience, with plenty of photographs. He will leave you in no doubt about the ability of SMP to achieve great things, even for older gentlemen. Maxb... everyone comes here for a reason, I am struggling to work out what yours is. I am not buying the thread around DIY SMP. Looking at this thread in the light of that one makes me wonder if you are not simply here to try and undermine or belittle HIS, or the SMP industry that they have created.
  19. I picked a guy who looked similar to me (eye color, skin color, face shape). This guy actually had SMP, but I didn't mention it in the question, which was simply a shaved head vs slightly more grown-out hair. To my surprise, guys overwhelmingly preferred to see some hairline, while women thought the clean-shaven version looked better (pink vs blue). One woman commented that this guy's face shape was relevant (wide), which I don't quite understand, but since mine's similar in shape, it doesn't matter to me. Again, they did not even know this was SMP! If SMP gives you more self-confidence, I guess it's your call, but think twice before doing it for the ladies (especially if you look like this guy).
  20. DIY SMP?

    Clearly we are dealing with a neanderthal!! .I have had treatment done you have not !!! I have seen this clinic flourish ,why ? Because they are good at their job and are genuinely trying to help with a caring ethos without monetary gain being the driving force!! I know as Ian helped me out personally.. In its current form I cannot comment but in its former years as a leading specialist in this field they were great and totally accomodating.. You have the audacity to come here anonymously and try and discredit those around including HIS with your ridiculous DIY SMP rant .. Come on do a favour max and do a DIY SMP on your head for us to see and have a good chuckle!! Evidently u don't have an artistic streak within you .. Stop undermining a founding organisation that has helped tens of thousands+ around the globe with a debilitating condition .. It irks me terribly when internet warriors like u come on board without experiencing this treatment firsthand and try and discredit this treatment!!!
  21. 60 vs 55 would be my guess, but perceived age isn't everything
  22. Stop being incognito!! Show your real identity if you have nothing to hide
  23. "Impostor" means someone pretending to be someone else. I'm not pretending to be anyone. I'm anonymous.
  24. DIY SMP?

    This sounds like yet another zero-information post where you try to make up for lack of content with rudeness and loudness. So do you know anything about SMP other than how to sit in a chair? What specific failures in my plan (posted in detail above) do you see? If you had started slowly (with a few dots), as I proposed, you would have noticed any allergic reactions early on. One could even argue that your being covered in "leopard spots" was due to NOT going the DIY route.
  25. I think this max b is an imposter!! Look at his other thread on DIY SMP!! He's trying to be negative about SMP !! I think admin should block him as he's not a real member
  26. first one looks like a guy in his 50's , the seconds in his 40's.
  27. DIY SMP?

    I'm one of the original SMP candidates that was personally done by Ian and Ranbir 10 years ago in a small,cold room in Birmingham!!! They had to rescue me as I didn't trust Ian originally as I had never heard of SMP and when I saw Ian's head I thought he was lying to me that he had been bald as it looked like real hair stubble on his head . I opted to go to a so called SMP practitioner who only really did eyebrows!! She assured me that she was well qualified to do SMP on my head .. It was a disaster , my head looked like leopards spots !! Big and inconsistent . I was traumatised after having 2 treatments with her . I went back to Ian who skills with Ranbir managed to save my head and perform a really good SMP. .. The woman in question paid me in compensation 1600 pounds 10 years ago as I threatened to take her to court . I think Ian has the original photo treatment I had done by this charlatan and I give Ian consent to publish it on here to warn potential candidates of the hazards of laxk of skill performing this intricate artistic work ... This max who posted about self DIY SMP I suggest you seek help , clearly u are devoid of any real intelligence. I'm a fashion designer/tailor and make hi end bespoke designs and Savile Row style suits .. it has taken me many years to develop my skills and I'm still learning new things. Go on utube max and watch a tutorial and let's see u make a suit ;!!;. Your comment on here about DIY SMP is stupid and absurd !!!
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