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    I chose to remove my pictures. I’m Norwood 3 if I remember correctly..
  4. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    Even with a shaved head the real hair on top can look invisible or lighter under direct sunlight. Smp can look lighter or even darker in natural light such as the sun or under artificial light such as florescent bulbs and say a 100 watt light light. Lighting definitely effects the look of a shaved head.
  5. Dots at hairline

    Pics? That’s the best way for us to understand your situation. But just going by your post, you seem to be fine. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks. Give it time, and trust me, you will see a change.
  6. Dots at hairline

    Loving the rest of the work btw!
  7. Dots at hairline

    Anyone? Day 10 and the dots on front of hairline are still much more pronounced than all the others. And have a deep blue / grey tinge....
  8. Need feedback

    My transplant was a year ago
  9. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    Hello there, Recently I stumbled onto a YouTube video and I saw a guy which clearly had SMP. The result was horrible. The sides (his real hair) were very dark while the top of this head was very light, and we clearly saw that something was wrong with his hair. Is SMP really that good? I mean, if we can clearly see the horseshoe pattern under certain light, it clearly isn't worth it in my view. Is a seamless blend possible, especially under certain lights?
  10. SMP Aftercare Issues

    Hello, I just had my 3rd SMP session and it has completely wreaked havoc on my head. Throughout my life, I have experienced a general dry itchy scalp, but nothing extreme and nothing debilitating. Some light dandruff, etc... However, since my 2nd session, I am experiencing extreme itchiness, red and sometimes scaling scalp, flaking, burning, and I can almost not focus on anything else. I have tried a mix of doing nothing and using some lotions for dryness, benedryl, baby shampoo, etc... and nothing is working. I think my practitioner is frustrated with me because they are having to repeatedly go over the same areas because the SMP isn't holding. They don't say it and they are friendly, but I'm eager for results and my skin is not cooperating. It seems to get really bad on day 3, which seems to be when most of the scabs start forming. It makes sense, but it is incredibly itchy. I don't think the word itchy really does it justice as to how intense the sensation feels. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anything help? Thanks in advance.
  11. How’s my first session looking?

    hey man ! do you have some update ?
  12. Red tinge after smp?

    Understood. Look forward to hearing what your practitioner says, I have never heard of "red" being an issue before, and not just through my long association with HIS, I mean anywhere ever - not even from the worst of the worst cowboy's clients posting their tragic images. There is definitely nothing in the pigment that can go red. Maybe the answer will come from a dermatologist.
  13. Red tinge after smp?

    I've had it shaved for 13 years, I just wanted to get rid of the 'M' I thought it would have healed by now but i'll see what they say next week.
  14. Red tinge after smp?

    Thanks, i'm going back to them next week to see what they say. It does look great, looking forward to breaking up the hairline.
  15. You can always have an initial consultation, just to get the ball rolling, over skype.
  16. Dots at hairline

    Hi All Pomised myself I wouldn’t come on here and obsess but here I am! Had my second session last Weds- so I’m on day 8- and really like the result apart from 10-15 dots right at the front centr of my hairline that just haven’t shrunk in line with the rest of the head. The colour is a little grey-blue as well Panic time or just time? Thanks in adavanxe for any advice. I would really appreciate it
  17. Without a doubt the best thing I've done for my appearance. Love it. So happy with the work. Looks like I have a slightly-receding buzz cut now; not "bald" at all. Post pics of your head!
  18. Need feedback

    The OP said he had a failed hair transplant, it is recommended you wait at least 6 months before having SMP.
  19. Need feedback

    What do you mean wait the recommended 6 months?
  20. Need feedback

    i can certainly see what you are talking about. Did you wait the recommended 6 months minimum before getting the SMP done?
  21. Need feedback

    The colour is just off and so are the dots it feels so depressing now that im 1 month post session 3. Any advice on next steps?
  22. I've never seen smp in person. At least I don't think I have! Few pints on offer if anyones had it done round this way
  23. Hi I've been on the fence for a long time now. I looked into smp around 3 years ago & wasn't convinced at that point for fear of discoloration over time & just generally the concept hadn't really stuck. Now 3 years on I have started researching again & have seen some great looking treatments some not so much but I guess everyone has different requirements. Can anyone who's had it done give me experiences, pictures thoughts. They dont all to be positive just anything would be great. I've been checking this forum every day now for months. My closest clinic is in Manchester & I'm near Middlesbrough & don't drive so I'm not sure about a consultation just yet. Anything people!
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  25. I need to wash my hair!

    So do we take it Greece is not so much your location as your state of mind? Lots of sympathy for you. Well, as much as a bald man can have for a fella with hair trouble. Best advice is to stick to the aftercare guidelines... As for minoxidil... regardless of whether you have an SMP or not you would do well to find and use versions that do not use alcohol - they're out there.
  26. SMP turning blue after some years

    Birmingham sounds like the best option for a His smp and I have always seen amazing results from them. I wish I could of had my smp done there but it is way to far to travel for me being from Canada. The Birmingham office is also always so nice and accommodating when I have had to make my appointments in Canada.
  27. My not so good smp story so far

    Update on this: I've just had my first laser session today. Had a test patch done a few weeks ago, they tried different settings to see what's best to remove the deepest and darkest/biggest dots. So looking in the mirror now, it's still red obviously but I can see the biggest/darkest dots are almost gone already. Thank god for smp ink! I'll give it a few weeks to heal now and think about whether I will have another laser session to remove the rest of my (good) smp or get another treatment from a different practitioner in Paris which has been offered to me by my current practitioner. I'm happy to say I haven't been let down, even though it's been a rough couple of weeks for me now.
  28. I need to wash my hair!

    Hey folks, I had my first session of SMP 4 day's ago. I had it done on my back and sides to cover up some scars, but also on the top to give my hair more density. Most people here don't have hair on the top to worry about washing, but I do! Right now it's itchy as hell and looks like I've rubbed a greasy plate of fries through it. Would I risk rubbing off some of the ink if I decided to shampoo it tomorrow? Also, has anyone with longer hair and SMP ever used minoxidil? If so, how did you get on? How soon after the treatment did you start applying it and did it cause the pigmentation to fade because of the alcohol?
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