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#55759 My Video Diary

Posted by Tosspot on 25 February 2014 - 11:53 AM

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#64295 Spread the Word

Posted by NOwayJOSE on 01 August 2014 - 03:14 PM

Quick little story. ..

I was at the movies yesterday watching Hercules and I walked out of the theater to go to the consession stand to get some popcorn. This little boy about 13 years old walks out at the same time with his father. The little boy obviously had Alopecia. I'm standing behind them in line and I lean over and tell him I lost my hair too. Him and his father looked at me like I was crazy. I tell them but I got it back. The father says well u must have had a HT. I'm like oh no something much better. So I get to talking to them about SMP and i could see the excitement in the little boys eyes. It made me feel like I had given him a gift. I had given him hope! So his father tells me that he'll be booking a consultation asap. If HIS helped me then why not spread the word and help others.
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#81523 What kind of sorcery is this?

Posted by NonDescript on 21 September 2016 - 07:04 PM

To our follicle-challenged brothers who can't seem to decide because of the nagging question "will it be natural enough that I won't be called out?"....  Read on.
Day 2 of session 1:
My head was still raw from all the needle pokes.  On the dining table with the family, we were all about two to four feet apart.  My niece commented, "Your head looks reddish."  (I think she said reddish or irritated, I forgot.)  Everybody glanced at me.  My balls went up my throat.  I just said, "I ran out of razor blades, I used a dull one."  She nonchalantly said, "Oh."  And everybody carried on with the interrupted topic and eating.
Day 4 of session 2:
First day back to work...
One person commented in the passing, "How was your vacation?  You looked refreshed.".  
One guy's eyes wandered to my scalp briefly, but didn't say a thing just carried on with the trivial Monday blah-blah-blah.   
Third comment of the day, from a colleague I've worked with for years as I grew balder and balder.  He glanced at my head. "You keep shaving your head, man, let it grow, skinhead is so 90's."   Then walked away.  I wanted to hug him from behind but I don't like the idea of getting punched in the face.  Haha.
Facebook video chat with my wife.  First time with lights turned up to bright.  She's on an extended vacation.  "Aunt Liddy sends her regards.  Did you have to work overtime?  (Squinted on the webcam)  Oh, you did not shave your head today?  How's Gumby [our cat] doing?  Are you watering my plants?  Have you finally disposed of the old armoire?"  Yeah, my beloved wife is a motormouth. LOL.  We've been married for 13 years.  Granted her view was through a webcam, but this is a woman who ran her fingers on my scalp a thousand times.  "You didn't shave your head today" she said after seeing imitation stubbles on my scalp.  
Day 5 of session 2:
Had a casual meeting with the boss.  He knew all along I was bald (well, still am bald but excuse me if I tend to use bald in past tense now.  Hehehe.)  That man insensitively commented on my baldness on a few occasions.  When he assigned me tough projects he would say, "Pulling your hair already?  Oops, sorry, nothing to pull."  Politically incorrect but I tease him back a lot about his beer belly so we're even.  Anyways, he said to me, "Fall is around the corner.  You're growing your hair back?  Tired of toques?".
Day 6 of session 2 (Today) :
Swiss Chalet lunch with a friend of 7-8 years.  Midway through lunch she said, "You should always cut your hair like that -- if you don't want to grow it long shave the sides close and leave stubbles on top, that way the thinning is not noticeable."   I said, "Yeah?"  She said, "Yeah.  Looks neat too."  I thought to myself, "Thinning top?  WTF?  I have no top!  You knew this!  You've known this for years!!!"  
What kind of sorcery is this?  I gotta go through the fine prints, maybe I unknowingly sold my soul to the devil.  ;-)
[ Pics to follow ]
(HIS is the gold standard in SMP. The Toronto clinic practitioner paints scalps like Michaelangelo.  Thanks to VinnyDiesel and The Bald Ego for the reassuring words and helpful tips during the emotional roller coaster.  You were right, gentlemen, the issues were "IN" my head, not "ON".  Gracias, Señores!)

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#78094 An Open Letter to our Clients, Readers and Competition

Posted by HIS - Ed on 04 December 2015 - 10:28 PM

What should have been a simple piece of business has been turned, by our competitors, into a wholly unjustified assault on the character of our organization. We feel obliged to both clarify the position for clients and readers as well as challenge the accusations, some of which have been libelous, made by the competition.

A decision was taken by the owners, Ian and Ranbir, to make a structural change to the organization of the business. The decision was taken on the advice of professionals on the basis that the company structure that had been serving the business since its establishment as a single clinic in Birmingham required updating. Needless to say, that structure was increasingly inappropriate for the global business that HIS Hair has become… we would hasten to add that we still see ourselves as a relatively small business. We just happen to have enormous distances between our clinics.

Let’s start with a few key facts. A plan was executed that saw us close down the company in its original form in favour of a new company called HIS Global Holdings Ltd. The new company has legally acquired all the assets of the original business, it will be operated using the existing domain at www.hishairclinic.com and under the international brand HIS Hair Clinic. The transparent and robust process was conducted in full accordance with the law and all statutory requirements were met.

Absolutely no customers were affected in any way whatsoever, this includes first year touch ups and any other current or future planned treatments. Just as importantly to us no staff were affected either – we remain the tight-knit family of committed and talented individuals we have always been. The whole business, around the world, carried on precisely as usual, exactly as it had before in every way.

The new structure paves the way for planned future growth, it was one of the key reasons for the change. There will be franchised clinics with staff trained and supported by the HIS team, extending our reach and capabilities at a rate previously unachievable.

It also enables the pursuit of illegal use of our trademarks, including SMP. Historically we have taken a relatively relaxed approach to this matter – But given the scandalous behavior of our competitors during this process we are determined to flex our muscle and assert our rights over our trademarks… We realise that many of them make ridiculous claims, about how many treatments they have performed, about how long they have been in business, even about inventing the procedure themselves. For those in doubt please click here to read a detailed post which both outlines our genuine claims and backs them up with hard evidence.

In closing, we would like to say a few words aimed at our competition. Over the years we have become used to being the target of all manner of dirty tricks, games, and lies. Maybe it goes with the territory when you are the established leader of your industry.

The speed with which information about HIS making these structural changes to our business, and the terrible slant put on it, was shocking. Negative scare stories appeared on their websites as well as in misleading blogs, all aimed at undermining confidence in our business. It is not how we conduct ourselves and we take a dim view – it has left us all the more determined to pursue them through the courts to protect both our trademarks and our reputation.

The important message here is that, following these changes, HIS Hair Clinic is now a stronger company than it has ever been and more determined than ever to ensure we remain the best hair loss company providing SMP in the world.


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#78551 3 YEARS LATER

Posted by Raymond on 10 January 2016 - 09:39 PM

so 3 years later and my smp is still the best thing I've done .

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#77077 4 year reflection

Posted by Northpole on 30 September 2015 - 06:07 PM

So by the title of my post you can probably guess the topic here. 


4 years ago I took the risk/plunge/chance of getting the treatment. 


Since that time, I've changed jobs, been promoted, been through 2 relationships, got two additional degrees and a bunch of other small stuff.


What has stayed current? My physical fitness, confidence and my treatment. 


So why am I mentioning this. Well for the first time in a while I was able to sit down and think about the correlation between the treatment and my life successes..........if there is any for that matter. 


My  conclusion is that there is a correlation. The treatment enabled me to feel more confident about myself. A few months ago I commented that prior to the treatment I was always a confident individual. In other words, I always felt like I got a big hammer. However, with the treatment there was a change, after the treatment I felt as though a had a much bigger hammer...................... stupid but its the truth. 


What changed about me? My attitude and willingness to take more risks, both personally and professionally. The fear used to be "shut up bald guy" verses "shut up cuz that's dumb"


With my career, I've been willing to speak up more and voice outside the box thoughts. With my personal life, I was more willing to approach the "hot girl" with greater success because I guess that confidence shines through. 


While defending my third Masters, I remember there was a moment where I was asked a question and before answering thought to myself "Whatever, I'm a good looking guy and they will accept my answer". Long behold, as outrageous as my comment was, it was accepted. Was it because of my treatment, not necessarily. But the treatment was the cause of me saying what I did.


So this brief reflection of the past 4 years makes me wonder whether I made the right decision or not.............




Of course. 


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#70416 SMP Spotted!!!

Posted by JDawg on 19 February 2015 - 12:15 AM

Honestly this doesn't look good, it's what still is keeping me on the fence.

First off, his treatment wasn't done by HIS. 2nd, personally, i think he went a bit too dark which is why it looks kind of off under the indoor lighting he's at...I gotta tell you, i was at the gym last night for the first time in like 10 years and i felt so comfortable. I kept seeing myself in the mirror and my treatment while yes looked a bit shiny due to sweat and what not, looked really nice! You cant keep putting off treatment forever and thinking it will be perfected one day. I think mentally you need to sit down and be honest with yourself. While this treatment works really well for the most part, at the end of the day, it's an illusion and all you're doing is putting ink on your bald dome. If you think this is going to put hair on your head or you won't have to deal with basic daily maintenance than I don't mean to sound rude but this treatment probably isn't for you. Do you rather have a treatment that looks awesome 90% of the time and sometimes you deal with small bumps depending on lighting or what not, or you rather be a balding man with a horse shoe ALL THE TIME? I sure as hell didn't want option 2 so i went for this treatment. Go light and natural with a bit of a receded look, accept it for what it is, be prepared to shave it everyday or other day, be prepared to use anti shine as you choose, be prepared to moisturize whenever you want/need and just do this for yourself and no one else. I don't tell people i got this treatment but if i was ever called out, i would man up and be proud, proud of myself that i was financially able to pay for the only treatment that would let me be free in rain or shine and give me a better look than i had before...I feel bad for anyone balding who is suffering and doesn't know about this treatment, i feel even more sorry for people who are balding and suffering and know about this treatment, are able to afford it, but still look for perfection in it while wasting so much time when they could have been in that seat already wrapping up 2-3 treatments, looking and feeling much better than they did before treatment!


S - scoring

M - more

P - pussy


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#72505 2 days after second session

Posted by Stubbletown on 09 April 2015 - 08:13 PM

Just some things I have learned from going thru this process. It might be helpful to others considering SMP or people having the same experiences.


1: It's normal to go very conservative the 1st session. You almost have to not look at it too much, which is really hard to do. Think of it as a template.


2: The lymph nodes behind my ears swelled up after session one. A week later, they are still swollen. I also feel VERY fatigued. I have no idea why. It must be the immune system dealing with a wound?


3: The week following session one is a very long one and can be very emotional. This whole SMP process is emotional, depending on how balding has affected you over the years.


4: Session 2 looks much better than the first.


5: The small scabs and texture from the wounding actually look great for the first few days after the treatment. It adds to the realism. It's very disappointing when they go away and the balding scalp is smooth again.


6: I wish I was warned a little bit more about how difficult it will be in my case to maintain the 2D illusion in the crown/horseshoe area. The hair on the back of my head is very thick, dark and dense. Any more than 24 hours of growth and I've got big texture differences. I'm def going to need a 3rd session. Even then, the horseshoe area will be difficult to maintain (but I trust my practicioner 100% to strike the best balance on session 3) I'm not going to want anyone standing close behind me in line at a grocery store.


7: If you do share this SMP experience with a partner, wife or girlfriend, it is advisable to not wear them out with your worries about how it looks. Sure, get feedback from them, but don't obsess. Practice self control.


8: SMP looks unbelievably realistic from 3-10 feet away in medium to low lighting. Don't stare at it in the bathroom mirror under harsh light bulbs from 8 inches away-- it's not going to look good under those circumstances.


9: Think of this treatment as more of a hack than a cure. I know that's a very simple idea, but the reality of that settles in once you have the treatment.


10: If you decide to only tell a select few about this, choose them wisely. Friendships and family can be complicated -- and real, true trust is elusive.


11: Avoid side fills if you can. (I didn't have them done)


12: for me, it was important to have a receded look, as if I was a man who has just started to bald and decided to shave his head. My practitioner did a great job at acheiving this.


13: I have always had the sides and back of my hair grown out and almost always wear a hat. Everyone around me is used to that. But now weraing a hat with completely shaved head makes me look older, more tired, and severe. It's a tradeoff. But it's better to have the treatment and not have that constant worry of your hat coming off. My goal is to not wear hats in a few weeks. But that's just hard to imagine right now.


14: Overall I'm very happy with the treatment, but for now I'm just being realistic and cautious. Despite being really impressive, this is only a 2D illusion of hair and has it's limitations-- depending on the individual. I am just going to have to wait and see how this settles over the next few weeks. It's going to be a long road.


15: My practitioner is very experienced and talented, albeit a bit rushed. My suggestion to HIS would be to not overload the practitioners' schedules. They need to be happy, healthy and relaxed for this kind of work. It cannot be easy to concentrate on making tens of thousands of dots for hours on end while maintaining best practices.

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#72487 UNBELIEVABLE before@After Results,thanks God for HIS New York

Posted by Hairperfect on 09 April 2015 - 02:43 PM

all I can say is the work speaks for itself,words can't describe the happiness I am going through thanks to jonathan g. At the New York clinic,,fu#%ing genius that kid is,,I was a Norwood 7 and even after my first session I was blown away ,then after the second session I was at a lost for words,,please if any one is considering this,my man hooked it up ..I have not seen any other provider come close to these results,,I had a consultation at a different company before coming to HISHAIRCLINIC and they were way to sketchy and said they can do my treatment in 1 session,BULLSH%#,.and I read to many bad reviews other clinics ..It defiantly was fate that brought me to JOnathan in New York ,,😃😀😃😊☺️😊😃👴👴🙈

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#61561 HIS...ahem HerHair

Posted by JuJu on 11 June 2014 - 11:35 PM

What: SMP


When: Tomorrow am


Where: Houston


Why: Androgenic hair loss secondary to medications in my 20's. That along with some traction alopecia from attempts to camouflage. I'm an advanced Ludwig. Women use the Ludwig stages, versus Norwood for the guys.


Trials: What you guys called systems and units, we call wigs, weaves, extensions, tracks, glue in's, sew in's, braids, scarves, hats


Rationale: 1) attempt to regain the appearance of full coverage. I want  a more professional look when I don't wear wigs instead of "patchy alopecia head"  2)I live in Texas, it gets fricking hot. Systems can be torturous . I'm a bit  3) tired of little kids asking if I have cancer and finally 4)it seems like a great option and alternative


Challenges: 1)  I hope I don't look like i have shoe polish or a tattoo on my head (my hubby's fear) But wait honey,  I WILL have a tattoo on my head!  Unlike many of the guys on the forum, I'm out. EVERYONE knows that I have alopecia and most have actually seen me au natural. I go between hair, the way women change shoes. I have TONS of hair. So by doing this, what does that say? Does it mean that I'm insecure? I don't think so.  What if it comes out weird? Hell, that will definitely  undermine, the "love yourself mantra" I try to live. Anyway, enough on that... The other challenge is  2) A hairline that looks feminine. Luckily many AA women wear bald fades, but the goal is for me to still convey femininity and workplace professionalism. Luckily the rest of me, will never be mistaken as a male. I just want the SMP rock.


I have a story, but this will do for now. 


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#58366 Norwood 7 Looking to get treatment done, please chime in!

Posted by HatingHats on 13 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

probably won't.. I am not insecure enough to pay 4 grand to have someone paint dots on my head.  seriously...............


I am insecure enough to pay 4 grand and feel better about myself.  If you are one of those lucky gents who has no hair loss as you age or you sincerely dont mind to let your belly hang low and your balding scalp show as you age, more power to you.  Some gents really dont give a shit if it all hangs out.  But many of the rest of us would like to, if we can in a realistic manner and the price is not too high, try to age gracefully and keep our hair if possible.  For some gents too, that began losing hair as teens, it is more than just simple vanity and can actually cause large scale psychological stress and loss of confidence (and a decrease in quality of life).  If $4000 helps them to return to a normal life and better fulfill their purpose, who are you to bitch about how someone spends their private cash?

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#73701 today I got called out

Posted by Josh2.0 on 16 May 2015 - 01:20 AM

today  I worked with a small group of new people.  under all different kinds of lights, harsh, Fluorescent, you name it, the worst kind.  After work we all met for drinks. 


A couple of hours later, after about three drinks each,  some one asked me the question?????


"why do you shave your head when you have a full head of hair?"


thank you HisHairClinic


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#70750 Found Out...Again

Posted by HBK on 26 February 2015 - 11:33 PM

The reason why anyone would have laser is because they've asked for a unnatural look.
Whilst I was having my treatment done the practioner told me that a lot of guys kept coming back for a bit more here,a little darker there.
The practioner offers their view that it's ok as it is but in the end they have to keep the customer happy.
HIS have now stopped offering free unlimited top ups because of this.
Keep it simple and natural and you won't be in this situation.

Sick of listening to your shit man. Whether it is threads like this where you just assume that my problem is my own fault for asking for an unnatural look, or all the others where you're having a go at folk with valid concerns about treatment telling them just to go for it because YOU say it's 100% undetectable.

Just to be clear:

Now Im ranting here fair enough but getting called out has badly effected my confidence so the last thing I need is pricks like you generalising and making out to everyone else that this issue was caused by me.
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#65156 The best response I couldve hoped for....

Posted by Harper on 24 August 2014 - 04:22 AM

Backstory... 33 years old, been shaving my head since sports in high school.

I am white, but have rather dark/tanned skin naturally.

Over the years MPB set in to the point that I really only had peach fuzz growing on the top of my head, but having always had a shaved head, and the color of my skin, Im often asked if I have hair or not.  For those of us who are very concious of balding, we know I dont, but to others they arent as sure....


Had been contemplating SMP for some time, decided it was time to take the plunge.


I didnt even tell my wife I was doing it, she knew it existed, and one time a conversation came up where she said some famous guys were doing it, but thats all the conversation we had ever had on it.  She of course knows what my hair looks like at times ive been too lazy to shave for a few days, and the hair on my sides is still quite dark.


So tuesday, I had my first session.  After the session I went to my office and worked late, when I got home, she and my daughter were asleep so I slept in the basement, which is almost the norm during the week as we keep very different hours.  The following morning, they are up and gone before I even come upstairs.


Anyway....  wed evening I come home early, and they had ran to the store.  The redness had subsided from the treatment.  I was sitting working at the kitchen counter when they came in.  She said hi, gave me a kiss, looked right at me and....








Said nothing.  She didnt even notice haha.  To me, the difference is night and day, but she didnt say a word.  I just stared at her with a funny look on my face.  We talked about normal stuff, went into my daughters play room, watched her play, talked.... nothing.   All the while I have a stupid grin on my face, which she kept asking why, I said no reason.

So it was time for dinner and we went back to the kitchen.  She hands me a box from amazon which I open and it was some headlube moisturizer.  She asks why Ive been orderindg so many skin care products lately, as this was not the first amazon box, and i just started laughing.  I had been home and with them for an hour at this point.  I said 'really'?  She says 'really what?'  I said 'now I understand why girls get mad when you dont notice they got a hair cut'.  She still didnt get it.  Finally i said 'you really dont notice anything different?'  As I leaned my head down she was like 'holy sh$t'.  



Id imagine most people biggest fear is that they walk out looking like theyve got some crazy thing on their head.  Well I got the exact opposite.




Fast forward to today, my first light wash and shave.  It looks amazing.  Sure, theres a bit of fading and touching up needed with my second session on tuesday, but wow this is awesome.  And with the peach fuzz that grows on the top of my head, which I did not shave over the smp area, it even feels real.  You would never ever know, and this is session one.

Im very aware its a process and can fade etc and need continued maintenece over the long term, but for those in doubt, take the plunge.

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#62516 Thank you HIS

Posted by NOwayJOSE on 26 June 2014 - 08:14 PM

Well after years of hiding under these stupid hats, my head can finally breathe! I just completed my first session!

I started balding around the age of 22. It was something I didn't even notice. A friend of mine spotted it and I played it off like I didn't care but as soon as I got home I was in the mirror and what do you know! I was receding! So since then I've been wearing baseball caps just about everywhere. Nobody knows about it other than my girlfriend. My family has no idea and neither do any of my Co-workers. I can't believe that balding could have such a tight grasp on me and how I lived my life. I've missed out on so much. Weddings, christenings, funerals, birthday parties, you name it! I was running out of excuses on why I couldn't go. Pathetic? Yes I know! I even looked for a job that didn't require me to wear business attire. So I've been in construction where I can hide my problem under a hardhat or a baseball cap. Only now the guys at work have been teasing me because they've never seen me without a hat. So that's what gave me the kick in go pants to find a solution!

I started looking into hair transplants a few years ago but every time I'd look I'd just hear these horror stories about how they didn't take or about the scars that you were left with but I refused to believe it. I refused to believe that there was no cure. I refused to believe that I was stuck as a balding man in my twenties with nowhere to go. So I booked an appointment for a hair transplant anyways out of desperation. I won't name the company but it was a popular one and they promised me the world for a small fee of $12,000. They urged me to have it done right away. I guess so i wouldn't do anymore research on the procedure. I agreed and gave a $500 deposit. Then the night before the transplant my girlfriend and i did some research and found the answer to my prayers! I found HIS!

I booked my consultation in April and I knew right off the bat that this was the real deal! No pressure from him. He didn't force me to sign any papers. But he did say if I wanted real hair this wasn't for me. If I wanted the appearance of a full head of hair with a cropped look then I came to the right place! The practitioner is as real as they come. He's a straight up sincere dude and I just wanna thank him for sharing his story with me! I booked my sessions on the spot. And as of yesterday I've joined my smp brothers on the dark side!

The practitioner that did my first session has quite a few years under his belt and the dude is a perfectionist. He's extremely patient and he flat out knows what he's doing. He gave me a boatload of density for a first session. Started a bit high on the hairline to be safe but we might drop it down a bit next week.

I'm extremely happy. I feel like I got my life back. Time to start living! Anyone on the ropes about doing this should stop procrastinating and just go for it. It'll change your life for the better. Instant results. Instant gratification. I just wanna say thank u to HIS and all my brothers here in the forums for helping me get here. Cheers!

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#61491 Update from Damien a year after treatment

Posted by Damien on 10 June 2014 - 10:28 PM

It has been a while since I discussed my own experience with hair loss. As the moderator of the HIS forum I tend to spend most of my time supporting others, answering questions and giving advice. For this reason it doesn't feel right to talk about my own situation too often, feels a little self-obsessive somehow. But like I said its been a while, so I guess it's no problem.

I suppose my story shares a lot of common traits with other clients of HIS. I'm not really sure when I started to lose my hair because I think I was in denial for quite a long time. My best guess is that I was around 24 years old when I first started to notice, but by the time I reached 27 it was really starting to become more obvious, and it was bothering me more and more. I've always had a high hairline anyway but it was getting higher, and when I used to spike my hair up I could see more of my scalp through my hair as the months and years passed.

Like many of you, the thought of getting a hair transplant or a hair system never crossed my mind. Hell, at the time I didn't even know what a hair system was, unless it was referred to as a wig I guess. I had no idea what minoxidil or finasteride were, or what they're used for. The reality is that if you're not losing your hair, you don't make it your business to know. Why would you? I was probably destined to be one of those suckers who buys every miracle shampoo or lotion that claims to make your hair appear thicker, because I didn't know any different at the time.

Anyway, I used to work for the Trinity Mirror Group, the company that owns the Daily Mirror and a range of other British newspapers. I came to visit HIS Hair Clinic one day on a sales visit and Ian, Ranbir and I just hit it off. A few short months later and I'd left my publishing career behind and I joined HIS as their marketing guy. That was 5 years ago now.

I'd been working for the company for 4 years before I finally decided to have SMP myself last year. Why did it take me so long? Honestly, I don't know for sure. Perhaps I was still in denial to a certain extent, or maybe even despite working for the company and coming into contact with literally thousands of guys who had it done, I was still looking for the catch. I had all the same concerns as many of you like how it would look years down the line, whether it would suit me or not, and what my family and friends would say. Even after I made the decision to do it, I was still looking for excuses to put it off just a little longer in case the 'catch' presented itself to give me an excuse to back out. Sounds ridiculous, I know.

One perk I had as an employee was that I could choose my practitioner, and I chose #### because he's the one I knew best and felt most comfortable with. I helped him document his own story, after which we became friends so it was the obvious way to go. That said, I have a huge amount of respect for both practitioners in Birmingham, so I'd have been happy whoever I was allocated to.

All anxiety and doubt was gone immediately after my first session. The relief is hard to explain. It was partly down to the fact that I knew how much it hurt from then on (which wasn't too bad anyway), partly because there was no turning back so I had no way of procrastinating any more, and of course because I could see how my new appearance was coming together and I realised I really liked my new look. Honestly, it was an incredible feeling. Sessions 2, 3 and 4 swiftly followed, the pigments settled, and here I am nearly a year later, happy as can be.


For those who are interested, I started out using clippers on a zero. Then I moved onto the Wahl Balding Clippers that cut it a little shorter, then to a Remington R655 rotary face shaver. Now I wet shave in the shower every other day. I use a standard facial cleanser to wash my head, I moisturise with HeadBlade Headlube matte and when I need to use sunscreen, I use a light SPF15-25 cream. My personal favourite is Calypso spray, but Nivea Light Feeling is also very good. By far the best results I experience are from wet shaving, and its the only method where I can shave every 2 days rather than every day.

The really weird thing is that although I knew losing my hair was getting me down, I didn't realise how much until after I had it done. It wasn't so much about getting my hair back, but more about losing the anxiety and confidence issues that come with going bald. I don't look in the mirror and think 'wow' like some people do. For me, the biggest benefit is simply not having to think or worry about it anymore. The issue is gone, and I've been able to move on a much happier man.

I remember a thread Haircules started a while back. It was all about improving yourself after SMP. More specifically, it was about getting the body you always wanted. That's next on my agenda. I've always been a bit flabby around the edges, but I realise now that I'm just procrastinating like I did before I had SMP.

Achievements are made by doers, not procrastinators, and it's about time I started practising what I preach. Although to date I've hardly been a model example to follow, I would definitely encourage everyone who has had SMP to think about how else they can improve their lives. SMP brings confidence, but what use is confidence if you don't make the most of it? Join a gym, get a new wardrobe, go for that promotion or meet the girl of your dreams. Whatever would make you happiest, go out there and get it. Life is for living, after all. I for one am going to stop making excuses, as of now. I'm quitting smoking, I'm getting my ass down to the gym and I'm not going to stop until I get to where I want to be.

Apologies for the sermon. I just had a load of thoughts running through my head and thought I'd share as I know some of you can probably relate. Sat in a hotel room right now with nothing but an iPad camera, but I'll drop some updated photos on this thread in the next day or two.

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#60416 My journey

Posted by Pele on 15 May 2014 - 02:21 AM

Hello guys. Like you all I have suffered many difficulties due to hair loss. My confidence hit rick bottom , I stopped going out, started wearing caps (every mofo day) and became a recluse. This was when I hit the 20 Mark. Great. Anyways I took the regaine route , then advanced hair studios laser sessions(con artist beware ) and then dutasteride. The pill did slow down the hair loss for a few years. Then I got introduced to toppic, which helped alot for the next few years. Can't knock it as it helped me.

As I got older I realised I didn't want to live like this. Always being cautious and paranoid about my hair , so googlng online I stummbled across his hair. I went ti see Ian and ranvir. I loved ians look. It looked well cool. So I booked in at Harley street with marques. He's a very nice guy, with a very positive attitude and has the eye for a good job. He knows what he is doing! I've had three sessions in total. I will upload the pics after this. My magic session was the 3rd. First one was like a foundation. We got the hairline on and went very Safe with the shade. Second one we went with same colour but more dense. 3rd one I asked to go abit darker, and marques got the shade (12) spot on. 3 weeks post 3rd session I am loving my look. I Am soooo happy I got this done. For anyone on the fence, if short hair suits u then defo get this done . It has given me back my confidence . My wife of 1.5 years had not even seen me without a cap . Can u believe that? No shitting. Thats where I was in my life. Pathetic right. But now, Im all in her face saying look at my hair . Lol

Brothers, I promise you, these people will help u. I didn't have to write this, but I believe In Karma, and the goodness they have given me I need to give back in some way.

Ps big shout to bold tosspot and jowells. You guys helped me by your messages when I was proper crappin myself. God bless guys.

Stop wasting time and get this done. No regrets.
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#59013 saying no for now

Posted by hazmn1 on 21 April 2014 - 01:29 AM

Input is awesome. Valid criticism is even better. Repeating it ad nauseum is merely annoying. We understand the issue. Go see it in person... Better yet, take Ian up on the offer. Then return to reassert your position and we can discuss some more. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
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#58358 Norwood 7 Looking to get treatment done, please chime in!

Posted by Tosspot on 13 April 2014 - 03:39 PM

I have a solution for you mate: Don't get it done.


Glad to help.

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#55047 My experience…and it’s not a good one.

Posted by Nightwood on 14 February 2014 - 10:40 PM

Sounds bad. Hope they sort you bud, im sure they will

@nightwood, if you had a bad experience...but are now 2 years removed from your treatment, why do u still hang out here. You obviously dont love the company? Do u have a certain agenda or u just bored?


No worries i've been asked it before, so i don't mind summing it up. I'm trying to avoid going off topic here though so i'd rather we don't deviate too far off course.


When i originally came to the board it was very.... cheerleader orientated nobody uttered a bad word because you got pitch forked by the community if you said anything or got made out to be a competitor which in most cases turned out to be un-true with a bit of digging on Damien's side for the legitimacy. Thankfully the board is a bit more free-thinking now rather than the past with rose tinted glasses. The community was very helpful though, you asked anything and if they knew they'd tell you it felt a bit like a safe place i suppose. I did my treatments and the outcome was less than favorable, i maintained my silence for a long time only rarely spouting out when i was reaching blowing point, i know Hats was well wishing me a lot through my journey as he was also in a tight bind at the time. I'm going to make this relevant to bobb's post here, trust me it takes a lot of guts to go as in-depth as he has with his story unsure of the reception you'll receive and whether its hurting or helping your cause plus we as men are not as emotional as women, i could tell when reading his post that he's put a lot of emotion in there. 


Why do i still frequent here?

I like to help people, I did fully intend to completely stop coming here after my sessions but i was still in talks with quite a few men offering my opinion & advice so i stayed around I didnt actually post for a while then i seen this http://forum.hishair...ng/?hl=debating got overwhelmed with emotion/anger at how narrow minded the guy was and that was the first time i spoke out, i have a point of view that differs some may not agree with some or all of my views but i've helped countless people over the years and received many thank you's one guy recently offered to take me out to dinner if i'm ever in town haha, ranging from SMP based questions to offering opinions on other hair-loss based resolutions e.g SMP + FuE combo's / Ht's / Meds / some direction in regards to scar repair / alternate therapy's (dermaroller etc) or my general opinion of SMP, you might believe I think it doesnt work, i do just it needs to be done in the right hands, which wasn't done in Bobb's case thus why im empathetic with his case and feel he does deserve a refund at least, after all the men i've spoken to i think i only advised one not to do it as he had very unrealistic expectations and still had a vast amount of hair. Another reason i stuck around, at that time i was still rather bitter but very unhappy with my appearance and seen it as an out-let for similar individuals thats no longer the case, i'm happy now but i still like to help people, there's no better feeling than having a man you've never even met thank you for being there for him and helping him. I will eventually stop posting here, probably when my PM's/E-mails dry up or people are sick of my 'no sugar coating' style.

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